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    How To Get Ready For A Scheduled Air Duct Cleaning In Riverside CA

    Most homes can benefit from having their air shafts protected from dirt and dust build-up. If you have decided to have them cleaned, you must prepare, so that everything can go smoothly. Here is how you should get ready for your scheduled air duct cleaning in Riverside CA.

    Clear workspace

    Clear the area around where the work will be done. Ensure that there is no furniture or anything else blocking access to the air pipes. This will make it easier for our team of technicians to access the points and set up their machines. We need space around the register, furnace and AC. If possible, do this a day before. It will help things go a lot faster and we will be out of your space within a shorter period.

    Plan for your kids and pets

    When carrying out air duct repairs, we will have to move from room to room. Get your kids and pets out of the way to avoid inconveniencing our workmen. Consider not letting your pets roam about. You can shut them in one room of the house until we are done. Alternatively, you can get a pet sitter or babysitter for that day.

    Consider getting your family out

    The dryer duct cleaning process can get loud. We will have to turn the AC on and off multiple times as we clean. The sounds produced can be as loud as a vacuum cleaner. Therefore, if you have people in the house who do not like loud noises, they can plan to leave when we are there. But if you don’t mind observing the process, you are welcome to stay during the entire operation.

    Give us a walkthrough

    Give our technicians a walk through the house to point out vents and registers that need to be cleaned.

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